Monday, December 14, 2009

GM Comment Offers Mixed Signals

I spoke to's Dr. Lyle Dennis for the first time this past Friday. We compared notes with each other on our latest story leads and talked a great deal about EEStor. Dennis is hooked into GM and from his latest blog post, you can see that he does inquire periodically as to whether or not anything from EEStor is trickling up to GM. It doesn't appear to amount to much yet. But there may be more coming. But that's not my story. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the GM Volt article:

"I often mention EEStor to GM executives when I get the chance. I recently asked Volt vehicle line chief Tony Posawatz what he knows about EEStor.

“I have heard a little bit,” he said. “Certainly the press releases are interesting, it causes you to take note and follow it.”

“The guys involved in it certainly aren’t a fly by night operation,” he noted. “Still some of the claims, knowing what I know, are way out there.”


Is he referring to EEStor only or including in his assessment Zenn Motor Company?

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windbourne said...

Get real. That is about the only honest answer that he could give. Lets assume that they call EESTOR fly by night and ran by hucksters. They could get SUED for that.

Likewise, lets be honest, if EESTOR is real, about the ONLY car company that will not be screaming for this, is specialized companies. ALL companies will want this QUICKLY.

And if EESU has been actually testing these QUIETLY (l-mart comes to mind), then all the car companies will demand that they have this in at least on model. That includes Tesla Motors, Nissan, GM, etc.

The simple fact is, that GM could not say anything except what they said, or to say nothing.

btw, why would any company start a production line without doing full testing of their product? If they are for real, then they already have prototypes out there.