Monday, December 14, 2009

EEStor's Weir Delivers in 09

Not those Weirs. This one. EEStor Board of Director, Greg Weir, who is Senior Manager of Dell Precision Workstations at Dell has helped to unveil "the World's Most Powerful Mobile Workstation" as noted in a Press Release from December 1, 2009. According to Weir,

"The Dell Precision M6500 establishes a new class of mobile workstation for the most demanding computing environments. This system is truly a desktop replacement without compromise. In addition, we’re leveraging our robust ‘eco system’ of partners to deliver the performance users require running applications in key vertical markets such as 3D animation, Computer Aided Design (CAD), engineering, and scientific exploration, defense visualization and other computationally intensive applications.”

These workstations have an overall energy density of 0 kWh so they can not be used as batteries. No word on whether they will be field upgradeable for future expansion with a 15kWh EESU.

Will any other Weirs have rollout plans for December 2009? Yes, at least one other. Betty Weir plans to rollout another elegant Christmas Dinner as she's done for years. Full menu details are covered by NDA but the Turkey cooks in about 13.5 seconds -- it's placed in between two 15kWH EESU's. I'm told this cooking method yields "a turkey that does not need to be sliced with the consistency of mashed potatoes." Yummy.


straker said...

Please lay off on the trojan horse posts. It's tiresome. If you don't have real news, don't post this filler.

PiratesCoveBar said...

Yes I agree you should run all blog posts by straker before you post on your own blog....


Bretspot said...

LOL Well Said PiratesCove :)
Give it a rest Straker, some of are here to have a little fun, it cant all be serious business!

B said...

Yes, the blog had an underlying tease to it but anyone seeking a clue should note that it is completely factual and a very key datapoint. Greg Weir and Tom Weir have both had distinguished runs with Dell. Greg is on EEStor's board of directors. Yet, he is still cranking out product at Dell. This story about EEStor is not completely binary in the sense of do they or do they not have it. There are subtle nuances like this that deserve some attention. And if I can do that and satisfy my own moderately disturbed sense of humor, all is well in crazy land.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When are these energy cells *now* slated to roll out into production?

Let me guess - middle of 2010.

Then, when we get to the middle of 2010, it'll be - end of 2010.

Then when we reach the end of 2010, it'll be - middle of 2011, and so on. It's been the same damn story for the past four years. Take current date, add six months, then let the word slip out though one of your goons.

What a joke. Baghdad Weir and EEStor - joke