Monday, March 30, 2009

James Woolsey meets EEStor Blogger

Late last night, under the cover of a dark persistent fog hanging over Washington Dulles Airport, Mr. James Woolsey, advocate for electric vehicles and for a reduction of dependence on foreign oil, bumped into the EEStor blogger. Woolsey was debriefed of his EEStor knowledge (he's heard the name multiple times recently but hasn't researched it much) and informed that he had just met and talked with the EEStor blogger, which brought a familiar chuckle....the sort of chuckle that originates typically with persons who ALREADY know about EEStor ...often via the EEStor blogger. :-) EEStorians will note Woolsey's employment by John McCain as an energy advisor in the 2008 US Presidential election campaign. Did Woolsey come up with the $300Mil battery prize idea? The EEStor blogger does not know as he was not invited to share Mr. Woolsey's limousine unfortunately. After being thanked for his advocacy for energy independence, Woolsey's parting words were, "I drive a hybrid!" Response: "Soon, you'll go all electric!" <-limo tires screech a hurried exit->

Image source: The Unsung Heroes at the US Central Intelligence Agency: America's first line of defense!

Update: Mr. Woolsey was in DC to attend a National Academy of Sciences conference called America's Climate Choices.