Thursday, April 23, 2009

EEStor Bloggertivity Announcement

The EEStor blogger has observed that a new announcement from EEStor Inc. has hit the wire. Curious question about this latest announcement: what does it really mean? Does it bode well for EEStor believers or does it play into the claws of EEStor skeptics? The EEStor blogger knows.


But what's the rush? There's so many other bloggers and reporters out there working diligently to figure out the puzzle. Surely, there's no need for the EEStor blogger to enlighten anyone. It's all so transparent and easy to decipher. Why, just look at the market movement of the Zenn Motor Company. Surely the market has it right, RIGHT? Right?


Senators Doing Something EEnteresting

"For now, however, drivers might still be impressed by the ZENN, a little car claiming 280 miles per gallon. The car's cruising range of about 40 miles translates to about 280 miles per gallon, according to the Canadian automaker.
"ZENN" stands for Zero Emission No Noise, said a worker who was buffing away some tree pollen that had settled on the car during the breezy afternoon. The car's top speed is about that of a strong gust of wind -- 35 mph.
"It's supposed to be your third car in the driveway," explained ZENN spokesman Daniel Stiller. "Most people drive less than 20 miles from home on streets with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less."
He acknowledged that the car may qualify as street-legal only on local, low-speed roads. But Stiller said the ZENN is a dramatic improvement in both safety and driveability, compared with the golf carts often seen around retirement communities."