Friday, September 25, 2009

EEStor, Lockheed, Black & Decker

The Boards of Directors of large companies like Lockheed Martin are typically occupied by an interesting and accomplished group of people. Given the recent admission by Dick Weir that he is speaking to a power tools company, one can't help but wonder if Black & Decker is the company in question. After all, current CEO, Nolan Archibald sits on the Lockheed Board of Directors.

It stands to reason that Lockheed Martin will be and likely already is the first company outside of EEStor to know that EEStor has what they claim. If they know, they understand the value of it. Even EEStor skeptics have to admit that if the EEStor technology is real, it would be something of significance to the highest levels of management. Thus, it's not a stretch to say maybe perhaps Mr. Archibald knows this as well. A source within Black & Decker would only offer up an official laugh when I inquired today but would neither confirm nor deny the rumor.

You might wonder what A123 Systems, fresh off it's successful IPO might think about this. To find out, one might inquire with another Lockheed Martin Board of Directors member, former GE Vice Chairman, Eugene F. Murphy. GE has a sizeable stake in A123 Systems.

No, this article doesn't offer you any answers. Just questions. Enjoy.