Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EEStor: The Inventor Richard Weir

In 1963, Richard "Dick" Weir had not yet filed his first of 20+ issued patents. In fact, he was two years away from his 1965 graduation from Cal Poly Pamona aka California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. However, he did pose for the below yearbook photo.

Contrary to popular belief, Dick Weir graduated from Cal Poly Pamona with a degree in Industrial Engineering not Electrical Engineering, which of course, is a more suitable preparation for someone whose career is marked by innovation in production technology not "new science." EEStor fans will note most immediately that their fearless idol does not appear to be a slide rule geek. Instead, it seems appropriate to associate the below photo with Weir's prior service as a pilot in the US Marine Corps. OoooRah!
So, dear reader, are you now examining for the first time one of the greatest inventors of this century?

Special thanks to the Cal Poly Pamona Library and an interested EEStor Inc. investor.