Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nanosolar's Roscheisen "on something of big interest to" me (the eestor blogger) in September

I never got around to pestering R. Martin Roscheisen for an interview following his dramatic Nanosolar revelation party last year on 9/9/9. So, I decided to hound him today to keep it friendly. He shot back a quick email saying, "I will do that on a subject of big interest to you...say in Sept?" In September? No, that doesn't work for me. How about July?

Please note, when R uses the term 'you' he does not mean you but rather he means me. If you are any other you, shake your head, "no." Got it?

Now, what does this mean exactly, this possible interview in September? Does it mean Nanosolar and EEStor have teamed up to drop kick the entire cleantech industry world-wide to the curb? Whoa, hold on crazy. Does it mean R knows exactly what would be of big interest to me? Umm. Or does it mean he simply has another something big to announce in September having to do with Nanosolar?

Well, keep in mind, R is no longer CEO of Nanosolar. Instead he is now at least it's largest single shareholder. They brought in some other dudes to take care of the far less interesting work of turning the crank that R built.

Maybe it means R has decided to build up a new company? By the way, I keep calling him R because he said I could. If your status with him ever improves, you may call him Mr. Roscheisen, Sir. And if you get in tight with him, maybe you can call him Martin. Don't even think about calling him R.