Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Potential Rise of the Mysterious EEStory Forums Potential

There's been a bit of grumbling about the new forums based format but overall, the vast majority of feedback has been positive. Tom Villars had the good idea to let some academics have some breathing room for a no-science-holds-barred discussion which seems to be developing nicely here:


But if you think the interesting discussions are only taking place in the invitation only section, take a peak at a developing thread here:


Going back to the old blog, Steve has made a sustained case that the recent EEStor press release has been largely underinterpreted and could possibly contain interesting subtext found in the phrasings EEStor chose to use. Now, Schneibster (whose photo appears to prove that he was 23yrs old way back in 1892) has breathed new life into this idea of Steve's all hinging on the use of the word potential in the press release. Schneibster, in a nod to the overall mystery of the EEStory has even left us this tantilizing tidbit:

I think that the above information gives enough clues to let someone who knows enough physics, electronics manufacturing, materials science, and electronics engineering to figure out what EEStor hopes to do. There is ample sourcing. It will be interesting to find out if I'm right. I've left out a few key points, and there's a major key point I expect no one outside of the company knows. And it's not the permittivity of the material, either.

Is the world we know changing or are we all caught up in a web of confusion?