Friday, May 2, 2008

Think Ultracapacitors are pie in the sky?

...then have a look at one of the first consumer products based on an ultracapacitor....a flashcell screwdriver! Thanks There may be an EEStor product in our future after all.

Here's the link to the overview on the Coleman Flashcell Screwdriver. It charges in 90 seconds. It can withstand 500,000 charge cycles. Amazing!!!

This is a great resource for folks trying to learn more about Ultracapacitors. And they got an email today from Ian Clifford who is the CEO of Zenn Motors. The email announced that an EEStor enabled electric vehicle would ship in Fall 2009 as stated previously at the annual shareholder meeting. ZENN has global rights to sell kits to convert gas vehicles to electric. Wow, that's quite a catch if the technology is as disruptive as it's billed to be.

Really, check out the site: of good info.
Ian Clifford's mug on right. Hey Ian, why not send me an email??? Or give me 10 minutes for an interview!

Kleiner Perkins and EEStor

Here's a good article to summarize where Kleiner Perkins has invested it's money when it comes to electric vehicles. It makes plain how intent they are on being part of whatever electric innovation emerges with the various projects out there. EEstor is mentioned as one of Kleiner Perkins' first investments in the area.

EEStor mention in this CNET Article

CNET's article on the Electric Aircraft Symposium held Saturday in San Francisco, mentioned that EEStor actually presented at this conference last year. Lots of good info for those interested in the future of personal air travel future and of course, electric aircraft.

Great Graphic on Zenn vs Traditional Car

Check out this graphic comparing Zenn's electric car operating expenses to that of a traditional car. Is it too good to be true? Thanks PESN.COM.