Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Renewable Energy Disappointment: www.Recovery.gov

President Obama signed into law the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act today.  Unfortunately, the law did not name Dick Weir as Secretary of Energy Storage, a title he surely deserves (if a 3rd party confirms his production line capabilities). The law failed to name barium titanate the official energy storage material of the Department of Energy or Department of Defense, despite it's certain adoption by both for a myriad of solutions.  

Not disappointed enough yet? Why not surf on over to Recovery.gov,  so you can track in painstaking detail all of the misspent funds?  If you're like me, the allocation of monies calls to mind some obvious questions.  How the hell can the act spend $163B on Infrastructure, Science, Education & training but only $43B on energy?   If everyone has a PHD, will we be able to afford $6/gal gasoline?   I DONT THINK SO!!!

How many recessions do we have to experience immediately following a run up on the price of oil before our so called leaders recognize that energy independence is our only strategic choice when it comes to stimulating our economy?

Get on the horn with your representatives and let them know that we need infrastructure to take on renewable energy sources: we need greater transmission capacity, better storage and smart grid technologies.