Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CIA Says It Can Talk about EEStor Founders But Would Also Have to Kill You

A recent FOIA request was submitted by EEStory user RT in an attempt to learn about the existence of any documents related to past work performed by Carl Nelson or Dick Weir on behalf of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. If you recall, in the recent leaked audio, Dick Weir mentioned the following:

At TRW I invented the chip that went into Deep Space ... I worked for the CIA for Scientific Initiative. They needed a ultra high frequency channel. They came and recruited me. I invented that channel for them.

To respond to the FOIA, the CIA issued a Glomar Response which, as with past cases, always raises interesting questions about the implications of such a response. What does it mean? What does it imply?

Only you can decide!

Note: Here is the full FOIA document.

Thanks to RT for the info!