Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Non-Disclosure Agreements: EEStory Ship of Gold

Thanks to a dedicated reader who has contributed research to numerous items of interest to the EEStory, we have an interesting book excerpt to read in order to get us into the mindset of Dick Weir in his fund raising days.  What am I talking about?

The book Ship of Gold was published in 1998 and written by Gary Kinder.  It documents the story of "maverick scientist and entrepreneur Tommy Thompson" who discovered and lead the 1989 recovery of approximately $1Billion of gold found in a shipwrecked vessel called the Central America whose 1857 voyage terminated at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

I highly recommend buying this book (even though I haven't read it yet) because I'm publishing a long excerpt of it which I think you will enjoy.   It looks like a brilliant story. The kind I wish I had read when I was in college.  

In any case, the excerpt covers the portion of the book that documents Thompson's effort's to raise funding to retrieve the sunken treasure. I think you will enjoy this as much as I did.  If you don't enjoy it, perhaps there is something wrong with you. Profoundly wrong.

Here are the excerpts:

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2

Sorry if the formatting drives you bonkers.