Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EEStor NASA Countdown 10....9.....8.....7.....8....9....10. Houston We Have a Problem!

Did yesterday's NASA story send you into an orbit from which you wish you could never leave? Did the TRL values assigned to EEStor's technology maturity provide you with a tiny multi colored ray of hope? Was your EEStor happiness running full steam ahead? Well, you better sit down because we need to discuss something.

I reached the author of the trade study via phone yesterday, ie, Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu. He was a very nice fellow but it's a funny thing about that trade study, you see. Where to begin....hhhmmmm. Ok, first, the source of Dr. Lu's information was.....Zenn Motor Company's website along with the Lockheed Martin press release from last year. That's where he obtained EEStor specs. Second, he never spoke to EEStor to gather updated information or share any information with them about his endevour. (hence some of the older specs) Lastly, that funny little TRL value? Based purely on the information gathered above and applied by Dr. Lu to the TRL metric system. Any questions? :-)

Feeling sorry for yourself? You need more EEStor news? Ok, here's a tidbit. There were some updates to the patent applications this month. Talking now about the USPTO patent applications. I haven't had time to go through them but if you click on the Image wrapper, you'll see the updates.