Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cedar Park TX Manufacturer EEXpansion

There's nothing for you to see here about EEStor Inc., unless you speculate that perhaps maybe the unidentified Cedar Park, TX manufacturer that Phil Brewer, Director of Economic Development for Cedar Park, TX is talking about someone else when he references a company in the area seeking expansion.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Part 2: Interview with Carl Watkins, LightEVs
Carl Watkins is a very calm man. There's no tension in his voice as he responds to questions I throw at him over the course of three or four phone interviews. He's definitely not in a rush to do anything very quickly when it comes to EEStor. You almost get the feeling that Watkins is already enjoying a sort of retirement from conflict now that he and his team own the exclusive rights to EEStor technology for all three wheeled vehicles and a portion of the two wheeled vehicle market. Where does that peace of mind come from?

First, Watkins and team are very comfortable with the progress EEStor is making towards ramping up production in 2009. What's left to do is described by Watkins as having been done elsewhere before and well understood. Just a matter of execution. Secondly, Watkins is basing his marketing efforts on the un-hyped logic that flows from simple demonstrations of technology that he will allow his prospects to experience prior to signing a deal with LightEVs.

Do you have anything to show them now? "No."

Then how are you going about things prior to being able to do that?


Monday, November 3, 2008

Another EEStor Skeptic Goes On Record

Back in September, I got a series of emails from Rudyard Istvan of NanoCarbons LLC expressing a fair bit of frustration with the amount of attention this website provides to EEStor Inc., when in Istvan's opinion, it could be harnessed for more promising technologies. Yes, Rudyard Istvan is an EEStor skeptic and no, it's not the policy of this website to exclude the views of persons like Mr. Istvan from the overall discussion. I say this even in light of the fact that Mr. Istvan compared people like me to those of a cargo cult, a reference that made me break down and cry uncontrollably. Kidding. I've mentioned several times, the area of physics & material science that EEStor is operating in is not my area of expertise. I will back that up by saying further there may be no area where I have an area of expertise or better, if you know my area of expertise, please have it contact me.

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