Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unknown Russian American Scientist says EEStor Energy Density "Possible in Principle"

Vehement EEStor denier, Y_Po, found himself in the hot seat this evening at fielding a barage of questions in the chat room. Despite rarely allowing himself to be nailed down to a specific position regarding his EEStor skepticism, Y_Po yielded to a flurry of questions I threw at him as well as several from the chat room audience.

The biggest revelation? Y_Po thinks the EEStor Energy Density (20,000J/cc) is possible in principle (but also, unlikely).

"You can do something in that range in principle."  -Y_Po

Despite being asked close to 23 times what the relevant ED mechanism might be, Y_Po refused to answer the question. What was interesting is that this revelation contrasts sharply with 2 other skeptics on TheEEStory: Zawy and ee-Tom.

Additionally, Y_Po maintained what he has always maintained which is that EEStor's Dick Weir is not competent and may be a fraudster. The fundamental problem which Y_Po believes Weir and team can not overcome is "saturation."

Catch the whole interview here. Also, if you can figure out what kind of nut I am for conducting that interview and posting this article, please let me know. I am curious.

UPDATE:  A rebuttal has been posted questioning my characterization of the interview.  Out of fairness, I will post it in it's entirely:

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B, you really have problems with hearing. 
I have said "It is possible (in principle) but not the way Weir does it" MANY times. I also explained how one can get high energy density.

"In principle" means "not practically possible" :)

So your blog record is completely wrong and misleading. I did not admit anything you just finally heard what I have been saying for all this time.