Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stick a Fork in 2009

Forget it. 2009 is toast. It's done. Stick a fork in it. There's no way EEStor is going to announce something we've all been waiting for in the next couple days.

Now, 2010, that's a different eestory.

Until then, cue the 2009 Skeptics Ball Celebration Dance Music. Distribute the carbonated apple juice and let's get funky.

NEWSFLASH!: let's go LIVE now, to a tent set up on a vacant lot in Cedar Park, TX. Sources tell me they have just begun a new dance called, "The Magical EESU Is Still Not Here, Mr. Weir." Let's see the footage:

Pretty good dancing there. I could get into that music...sort of funky, no? Tough on the knees though. Impressive. So any way, Dick Weir!, I want those friggin batteries, sir! Let's get them charged up and out on the road, please, and sometime well before every many woman and child in the Middle East is a multi-millionaire! THANK YOU! (no, i havent forgotten about you Canadian Oilers--you're just not good dancers).