Monday, November 29, 2010

Chu Touts Metal Air Ionic Liquid Battery

US DOE Secretary Chu spoke today at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  After spending a good deal of time talking about innovation and it's importance to the USA's economic future, he presented a few potential breakthroughs.  First on the list is the Metal Air Ionic Liquid battery under development by a spinoff from Arizona State University called Fluidic Energy.    See slide 23.  Chu says this battery could be 3-5X cheaper than "today's lithium ion" and enable an electric vehicle range of 500 miles.  It would also be "inherently safe."

Apparently this press conference was available via webcast.   If you attended the presentation or listened online, shoot me an email:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

EEStor Followers Resort to Open Weeping

Reader mail suggests that the mood surrounding EEStor followers is a somber one even giving way to open weeping.   The underlying source of tears appears to be Dick Weir's adept performance of the quiet game.   Sure, in the past, many EEStor followers (and Zenn shareholders) have expressed anger, outrage and even open hostility and mental derangement.  But now, it seems a new phase is coming over the believer set:  profound sadness at having ever gotten involved in the EEStory saga.

Some readers have written to me to see if it would be possible to connect an EESU to Dick Weir's butt.  That is possible but not recommended and it would probably actually delay things greatly if it were discharged.  This reality seems to have caused even more tears to flow.

Naturally, some think I can offer some words of encouragement and solace.  Even if I had some, I think a better approach is to simply say this:  go ahead and have yourself a good cry.  Really let it out too.   Don't be ashamed because crying is a natural part of experiencing grief and holding back only prolongs the inevitable.  So turn on the tears and set it to high.  If it helps, write a poem or song or long journal entry.  Remember, you are the first line of defense on your mental health.  You may have a lot to cry about.  So cry then.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


You could have done a million other things with your life.  Some of those would have been far more financially rewarding, less physically demanding and require less of your courage.  But you didn't go down that path.  You chose to serve your fellow citizens, to make personal sacrifices for a greater good.

For your choices, your effort & your service.