Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ian Clifford on BNN

In this interview, Clifford mentioned that "our cars vehicles cost between 1 and 2 cents a mile to operate in the US." Now that's the type of math that makes sense to a neanderthal like me. My SUV that's getting 15mpg is costing me $4.24/gal or 28 cents per mile.  Putting it back into mpg, we're talking about 212-424mpg equivalent, correct???   This article from the Cedar Park, TX area seems to agree with my math somewhat.  It's a simplistic way of thinking about it and probably excludes important/signficant cost factors. If you need something a bit more thought out, read along here. 


CNN Article from Sept 20, 2006

Interesting to look at what was said about EEStor and Zenn Motor back in 2006 on CNN.  For those trying to guestimate the cost of a conversion kit, here's a little help, "an EEStor-powered engine with a range roughly equivalent to that of a gasoline-powered car woudl cost about $5,200."

Ian Clifford on Montel

Catching up on some YouTube content. Here's Ian Clifford on Montel. They were giving away one of his cars in a contest. 

Local News Station Story on Zenn

Found this on Youtube from January 07. Interesting line, "a full charge will only cost you about $1." Zenn Motor Stock Speculation

Decent article on Zenn & EEStor that includes some interesting quotes from stock analysts regarding the investment opportunity / risk of Zenn Motor.   It was also printed by   Here's an excerpt:

Rick Welty of investment advisory firm Welty Capital Management in LaFayette,
 Calif., recently discussed Zenn on Bloomberg TV. "The caveat is the upside-downside
 potential" for the company's stock, he said. "If it doesn't work, it probably goes to 
$1 a share. If it does work, it could be $15 or $20 or far higher."