Saturday, December 12, 2009

EEStor Believer Video

Sages Clifford, Weir and Nelson, praise be their name! :-)


eestoryrw62 said...


Scott said...

Loved it!! He's cleaned up a lot of dog poop by now...

Desertstraw said...

The entire Eestor saga is based on promises and rumors. It has now been matched.

"But if everything that Micro Bubble Technologies has been claiming is true (independent 3rd party lab tests results are due the end of next month - Jan 2010), then we are likely to see these features from a CNT lithium battery (just my wild guess - don't take it too seriously):
1. ED of 1,000 wh/kg to 1,200 wh/kg;
2. Recharge time less than 5 minutes;
3. Cycle life more than 10,000;
4. Much wider operating temperature range;
5. Much improved safety;
6. Cost less than $100/kwh."