Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Recapping Patent Publishes (EEStor Competitor Perks Up)

"High energy density electrical energy storage devices 
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United States Patent Application 20120034528
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High electrical energy density storage devices are disclosed. The devices include electrochemical capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, hybrid electrochemical-electrolytic capacitors and secondary batteries. Advantageously, the energy storage devices may employ core-shell protonated perovskite submicron or nano particles in composite films that have one or more shell coatings on a protonated perovskite core particle, proton bearing and proton conductive. The shells may be formed of proton barrier materials as well as of electrochemically active materials in various configurations.
Wendman, Mark A. (Freemont, CA, US)
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Recapping, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA, US)
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429/304, 429/314, 429/310, 429/316, 429/319, 252/182.1, 252/62.2, 361/525, 977/742, 977/780
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H01M10/02; H01M4/50; H01M4/54; H01M4/58; H01G9/025; H01M4/48; H01M4/52; B82Y30/00"


Tom Villars says, "This is a continuation of the Recapping/Penn State patent application 12/656,463"
Thanks to DeedleTwo.  Mark was clearly snoozing.