Monday, July 28, 2008

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WashingtonPost on "New Oil Reality"

Moving now to the demand side of the EEStor story, I've been reading this WashingtonPost series on Oil written by Steven Mufson.  There's alot of painful reality in this set of articles that I'd rather not be aware of even though I blog about EEStor. Call it a psychological condition.   In any case, this paragraph caught my attention:

"Last month, 51 percent of the respondents in aWashington Post poll said rising gas prices were causing a serious financial hardship for them or others in their household. It was the first time a majority had said that since the poll began posing that question eight years ago."

Personally, I grew up in the oil patch in the Southwest part of the USA.  When I was a kid, the "awl bidness" was not good at all and many people I knew didn't have much money at all.  But today, things are obviously going gangbusters.  However, I no longer live there and I'm much more in tune with how the millions around the USA are experiencing "serious financial hardship."   We definitely need a solution.   And it doesn't look like we'll get any leadership from our elected officials any time soon...not that I'm one who thinks we need to rely on govt for everything. It seems very fair to say that on this topic, there's definitely a lack of action in Washington.

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Investor Awareness Posting

Now, of course, it's not Jim Cramer talking about Zenn , but here's a decent blog post  with only a slight mention of EEStor.  I'm including it on the blog only because it underscores one interesting aspect of the EEStor story--not alot of people know about it or the Zenn stock (ZNN) associated with it, as the blogger in question ( points out, he/she only learned about it 2 days ago.   My guess is you could tell 100 people about EEStor and maybe 1 or 2 would have even heard of it.  This, despite coverage by the likes of here last September.  Etc. 

No word yet on the questions submitted to EEStor. 

World Learns about EEStor

My original intention this morning was to tackle the important task of translating the recent foreign press coverage of EEStor for you the reader. A couple hours into this, I realized that I only speak English.  But now that this blog is getting multiple thousand visitors/day, maybe some kind reader will translate for us any interesting paragraphs they find in these 5 articles: