Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ed Beardsworth: The Original EEStor Blogger

Much has been made of EEStor's development time lines. Skeptics say ongoing delays are proof they have nothing. Industry veterans say development cycles do not happen quickly and cite examples: Tesla, Valence & Bloom Energy, etc ad nauseum.

So, what do you build your case on? For anyone trying to establish credibility for their view on EEStor, it's important to cite actual facts. That's why the initial Internet revelation of EEStor's existence is an interesting one to examine.

Ed Beardsworth is the owner and publisher of which is short for Utility Federal Technology Opportunities, a program he started to give Utility the words of a client, "early warning about things out there that will change our world." Please note Beardsworth makes it very easy to contact him if you need to talk about something of potential utility to him. I've taken the liberty on more than one occasion to check out facts surrounding EEStor with Beardsworth. Although he has nothing to hide, he also has obligations for secrecy due to his business relationships. Still, Beardsworth has been able to provide background on already publicly released information. Beardsworth helped introduce EEStor to Kleiner and a few other VC firms in Silicon Valley. He has interesting observations about the whole phenomena some of which he will share and some of which he will not share due to the discretion required by his line of work.