Thursday, December 10, 2009

Will USEE EESU in 2009? Probably Not....

Take a good long look at this calendar. Do you see the number 10 on the second row? That's TODAY. That means there are only 3 weeks left in THE YEAR 2009. Look at those weeks and think back to what occurs in December every year. That's right, Christmas and some other religious celebrations I won't enumerate. Yes, it's true there's something called "Wright Brother's Day," on December 17 but what I am driving at is if you are expecting an EESU to drop in 2009, you should probably scale back your expectations.

Based on what's left with this calendar in terms of time this month, I just see a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity for a company like EEStor to make any announcements, not if they want to maximize exposure. My feeling is if EEStor hasn't announced anything BY NOW then they aren't likely to announce anything IN DECEMBER, ie, THIS YEAR.

Oh sure, there's tons more chatter this year surrounding EEStor about the possibility of they will be delivering an EESU to LightEVS and Zenn Motor Company, but don't let yourself get carried away. After all it's December 10th, 2009 and the holidays are upon us.

So, be of good cheer. Relax your expectations based solely on the remaining time of the year. And figure out how you can focus on the holidays and enjoy them without an EESU under the tree.

If it helps you, you can picture what is very likely true: EEStor is working feverishly to get working, testable pre-production units to LightEVs and Zenn in 2009. But just don't let yourself believe they are going to make it! OK? Are you following me? They have the power electronics. They have likely completed component testing. And they are very likely running tests on a completed EESU in preparation for allowing an outside party to test it. But there are many many moving parts....not the least of which is coordinating with partners Lockheed Martin and Zenn Motor Company about messaging, timing, wording, etc. All of this could be complicated by hitherto unannounced new partner/s in the mix. If you knew all hell was going to break lose, wouldn't you be building a modern day Noah's communcations Ark and running it through the matrix, making a list, checking it twice? All almost certainly happening as you read this.

Stop it. You're imagining something happening this month again. I'm seriously telling you to not get your hopes up. OK? LightEVs may have a plan to test their 2x2x8 in. EESU upon receipt and to trot it out before several interested bike manufacturers not including Segway, but a plan does not equate to a scheduled reality. Zenn Motor Company may have plans to announce Zennergy Drive progress shortly after EEStor makes an announcement. But these are all plans and you mustn't get carried away with the belief that any of it will happen this month. So, for example, if you had targeted specific days in the future like December 17/21, 2009 as maybe a day for launch, just set it aside already. Not likely to happen.

What about the skeptics? Well, if they have a plan for December, I would encourage them to go ahead and commence it at this time if they accept the logic of this blog post, that there's too little time for EEStor to make a substantive announcement in December, ergo, it's not going to happen in December. I think they should go ahead and declare victory. So, commence with all the "I told you so's" and "believers are irrational" and Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin, (scroll to 4:34) etc etc. All the regular stuff we've heard before just more of it and louder given the late date.

Does this mean the blog is shut down for December? Yeah, sure it is.