Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ian Clifford Again With The EEStor Is Ready Stuff :-)

Ian Clifford out there......AGAIN......warning everyone that EEStor is on the way. 

Did you understand that?  EESTOR IS COMING!  Yo!  I'm talking to you!!!! It ***IS*** coming!

You want proof, Mr Science Fancy Pants?   Ok, I'll give you proof.   The EESTOR blogger declares that Ian Clifford was wearing a POST-PERMITTIVITY shirt.       ?       That's right! A CEO could only sport that shirt POST-PERMITTIVITY.  Laugh it up.   A Pre-Permittivity CEO would NEVER  wear that particular nice shirt to gain serious consideration. Never.  Post-Permittivity.  [nodding as I say that]

AHEM:  Andrew Bell & Kim Parlee. There should be NO smirking while interviewing one of the world's next great technological leaders. Kim,  no no no no.