Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Announces IPad Sans EESU

Well, there you go. The Apple news in all it's glory including a New York Times demo featuring, appropriately, me. Thanks EEnigma!

EEStor's Board of Directors

In a brief telephone interview yesterday, Sulgraves Partners' Mike Long declined to comment on several questions but did confirm he is still happily involved with EEStor Inc as a member of it's board of directors. Citing his "respect for the CEO's role," Long said that EEStor's CEO, Dick Weir "speaks for the company" and that he is "happy with that arrangement." Long has a successful track record as CEO of three public companies, perhaps most notably at WebMD and Move Inc. When asked if EEStor's technology was going to end the US dependence on foreign oil, Long laughed and declined to comment. Long referred all questions, except those he inadvertently answered, to Dick Weir. "EEStor is a private company and it's spokesperson is the CEO. They are quality people and I am certainly happy with that arrangement."

Sulgraves Partners is a new consulting company offering Strategic Communications, Turnaround Management & a Business Advisory Services.