Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello, Godot? Zenn says EEStor Still On Track for '08

The editors of and, ie, me, myself and I (and TV!) have decided to recognize the obvious and bluntly say what we've all been thinking: the holiday season is upon us. But what does that actually mean for EEStor obsessed persons such as this writer and you there, the reader? For example, a key question is this: just how festive ought one to be this holiday season, meaning, how much of my personal time have I wasted this year following the EEStory? Will it pay off and add any cheer to my enjoyment of the holidays? Answers to questions such as these are key in helping you strike the appropriate tone in your celebrations if in fact there be any to have. After all, ground breaking innovations in energy storage do not come along every few years. Right?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how happy to be or for what and to what degree. Therefore, holiday advice, like stock advice is not something we're qualified or prepared to offer. Just the plain, cold, boring facts as it relates to EEStor are what you will find here unfortunately. Peppered of course with a dash of enthusiasm.

Speaking of which, I had the opportunity to speak with Catherine Scrimgeour of Zenn Motor Company this morning as she traveled to an event in Mexico. She reiterated her previous statement confirming today that "things are still on track" for EEStor's delivery of a working EESU in 2008. Rumor has it this was also validated by EEStor although that cannot be confirmed at this time. It may have been mentioned in a chat room session at but your mileage may vary.

Entering now a bit of speculation. It is this blogger's perspective that if Zenn and EEStor are in agreement of the delivery of a prototype EESU, something produced by EEStor's production line, then it sets the stage for a definitive resolution of all of the scientific doubts that have plagued EEStor to date (not that an appropriate use of doubt wasn't valuable for a company in their position. ) Why? Zenn would have something that can be looked at by a third party, tested, validated, digested, stained, dry cleaned, paraded around on everyone's shoulders like an object of worship or an athlete who made the game winning play, etc. The issue of permittivity would also be settled since as Ian Clifford stated previously, delivery of a production line unit to Zenn implies permittivity. That is of course, if the concept of permittivity actually applies to what EEStor is producing and isn't a mere red herring.

If all of this comes to pass, and you logically connect the dots, what Zenn Motor appears to be confirming is EEStor permittivity and prototypes that will be announced and delivered this month, ie, in the next 30 days. Only time will say for sure at this point. A residual impact of this all coming to be might be to throw the ball back in Zenn's court to demonstrate some progress in their manufacture of the cityZenn and progress on their business plan to date. This might be a good time to recollect the Zenn Motor milestones in favor of cityZenn. Anyone?

As for this blogger, I can say I will be happy to see Godot. Like many of you, I have quite a few questions for him. ;-)

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