Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I Do: The Planet Green Article

I hate to admit that occasionally I watch TV. I do this only because I recently bought a couple large HDTVs. The only thing I watch & the only thing I set my DVR to record is Planet Green. ...and Classic Arts Showcase. This is not because a good German friend of mine works at the Discovery Channel.

I'm not really a greenie weenie per se. I could become one but for now, my interest in EEStor mostly stems from my interest in the achievement of the USA's energy independence. Still, I love all the new green technology and movements.

What do I watch on Planet Green? Emeril Green, of course, because I love to cook and shop at Whole Food. Strange that Emeril never instructs anyone how to cook a great meatless burger on this program. (not that I'm in to that though). Next is Renovation Nation. In my future, I aspire to use renewable energy sources to generate all the energy I need and feed any excess into the grid for a little bit of cabbage. Renovation Nation is a good source of information about the latest technologies and trends in this area. Steve Thomas has a fun job doesn't he? (Steve, need more vertical farming info please). I started watching Living with Ed....which follows the life of Ed Begley Jr and his trophy wife Rachelle. To say Ed is a pioneer is of course selling it short. But I'm a bit confused because I tried to get Ed to do an interview with me about Energy storage and apparently his connections to Phoenix Motorcars and Altairnano prevent it. Not sure where he's getting his advice from but entering any promotional deals that prevent Ed from talking about break-through green technologies seems incompatible with his brand. Hello?

When I say I could become a greenie weenie it's almost entirely because of the guilt trip I get from watching Wa$ted with Annabelle Gurwitch (who also appeared in EEstor documentarian Michael Blieden's movie Melvin Goes to Dinner). This series has really great illustrations of how much of an ecological nightmare I am to future generations (sorry about that great-great-great-great-great grandsons and grandaughters). I don't know who Holter is. Sorry. :)

Anyway if my EESTor obsession ever breaks loose due to a permittivity announcement or a 3rd party verification and I can figure out how to get Planet Green on my iPod or iPhone, I might start walking the earth in a sort of Rain Man stupor...."time for Planet Green...definitely time for Planet Green. "