Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Help Wanted: Lockheed Martin's Disruptive Job Posting Hints EEStor

Lockheed Martin is seeking a program manager who can grow a new business unit from nothing to over $100Mil. The good news is the successful candidate will have "disruptive technology" enabling them to "break into new markets" in the "Power Management arena" consisting of generation, storagEE, and delivery.

Job Posting Here

Job Posting Discussion Here

I choose to believe the disruptive technology mentioned therein is only one thing: EEStor!

Note to Lockheed: You have abused the phrase "disruptive technology" in your job description. EEStor's technology is not disruptive in the Clayton Christensen sense. While it is simpler & cheaper, it offers MORE not LESS capability. A Zenn Motor NEV is disruptive. A Tata Nano is disruptive. But an EESU: it is R E V O L U T I O N A R Y! Revolutionary technologies do not compete in markets the way disruptive ones do. Instead revolutionary technologies DESTROY existing markets. The automobile, the telephone, the airplane. See where I'm going with this Lockheed Martin?