Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sock Puppets

Devout followers of EEStor often wonder if the company's online reputation is the target of sock puppets, ie, individuals paid to bash EEStor online.  It seems everyone has a theory about who is a sock puppet for whom in this regard.  But some will deny that sock puppets actually exist.  

Personally, I definitely believe there are sufficient motivations out there to bash EEStor for a variety of competing interests.  I have my own pet theories about who may be gaming the system but I don't put a lot of stock in them.   One of the more intriguing possibilities is whether it would be worthwhile for a government to play a role in manipulating EEStor's image.   I doubt it but can't rule it out.   If you google it a bit, you'll find ample evidence that China employs sock puppets to control opinion about the Chinese communist party.  But now we know too that they are not alone in this as the US Dept of Defense has apparently invested in some technology that makes it easier to create sock puppets and control them from a central place.  The story appears to have been broke originally by the Guardian

As for the various EEStor doubters who have made it their life mission to trash EEStor, I doubt any of them are compensated for their work.  I think what we see there is mostly disgruntled former Zenn investors hell bent on making current Zenn investors pay. 

What's your sock puppet theory, Mr. Sock Puppet?