Thursday, February 24, 2011

EEStor Applies for Fusible Link Patent

Thanks to the work of GaryB, we know EEStor continues to apply for patents related to its technology. The latest is an application for a fusible link.   In case you're worried EEStor isn't covering enough bases, this application also invokes "Thomas Edison's electrical power distribution system," useful for anyone critical of EEStor's grasp of history.

On a related note, I was going to keep this in stealth mode but changed my mind recently.  I've applied for a patent--wrote it up at night, sent it in with me fees, etc.  I believe I have uncovered a method and apparatus for attracting idiots and confirming their stupidity through commenting.  Here's an example tidbit from a prominent disturbed UK professor,

By definition, it is difficult, effectively impossible, to prove a negative. But the science puts constraints on how a viable EEStor dielectric might work. Those are very far away from anything that we have ever seen, and for fundamental reasons. You don't get proved false from this. You get proved quite extraordinarily unlikely. That is as near to false as we get in science.

Thanks Professor.  Let's see.... of the 14000 steps EEStor needs to complete to become a commercially viable entity, I guess number 13,996 is test the components for energy density.  Brilliant.   In the meantime, EEStor will be as near to false as science allows.