Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EEStor Patent 7,595,109 B2 Issued September 29, 2009: BRINGS TOTAL TO 3

If you keep a pulse on TheEEStory.com, you will already know that one of it's patent applications was approved for issuance. Well, TODAY, the patent was issued officially as Patent 7,595,109 B2.

A patent agent, Daniel A. Pearson, whose main specialty is pharmaceuticals, has said:

"The patent claims in U.S. Patent No. 7,595,109 are very good claims for Eestor, especially if you believe that coating the CMBT with alumina is important for the energy storage properties they are reporting. There is nothing controversial here IP-wise.

If you want to consider a story that is not so straightforward, check out the intellectual property situation that A123 has found itself in."

More from Pearson here.

Also, to place this latest patent into a context, have a look at GaryB's EEStor Spreadsheet which includes all of the related patent, trademark, FOIA, permits, info etc.

See below for the three awarded patents: