Monday, April 28, 2008

Nice Zenn article

Southern Oregon news story on current Zenn Motor customer.  She says she recharges her car for 25cents/day.  She drives Zenn's current lead battery version. The EEStor version is due out later. 

Monday, April 21, 2008

NaturalNews' Adam Miller on EEstor

Here's a new and well written overview article by Adam Miller on EEstor.  


The advance is based on a barium-titanate insulator claimed to increase the specific energy far beyond that achievable with today's ultracapacitor technology. It is claimed that this new advance allows for a specific energy of about 280 watts per kilogram -- more than double that of the most advanced lithium-ion technology and ten times that of lead-acid batteries. This could translate into an electric vehicle capable of traveling up to 500 miles on a five minute charge, compared with current battery technology which offers an average 50-100 range on an overnight charge. As if that weren't enough, the company claims they will be able to mass-produce the units at a fraction of the cost.

Slashdot on Lockheed on EEstor

Slashdot reference from a few months back on the Lockheed use of EEStor technology. 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

EEstor announcement soon article with this interesting excerpt on barium titanite:

Dick Weir, founder and CEO of EEStor said that there would be an announcement soon on permittivity of its barium titanite powder, considered a major benchmark that would trigger future payments to EEStor from ZENN

going on......But...."the company said it has not yet tested the technology in a vehicle application yet." Strange

Update from Zenn and EEStor

CNET details Zenn's plans for a street legal vehicle called CityZenn. Excerpt:

The CityZenn comes out in the fall of 2009. While it will sell for a premium over similar gas cars, it will be affordable for mainstream buyers, the company says. Most likely it will come out in Europe first and the U.S. later. Zenn is expected to get its first samples of EEStor's energy storage units this year. Zenn is also an investor in the company.