Monday, October 5, 2009

Zenn/EEStor Article in Globe and Mail

I've been following EEStor long enough that I no longer link to just any article that appears with the keyword 'eestor' in it. But, I think Steve Ladurantaye's article on EEStor deserves a link due to the effort he put into it. First, he somehow got Kleiner spokeswoman Brianna Woon to indicate that EEStor is in stealth mode. Kleiner Perkins CB has never made a public statement about EEStor ever (TMK)....until that quote, if you take Woon to be a spokesperson for KPCB. Kleiner Perkins contracts certain aspects of media relations to Burson-Marsteller, Woon's employer. Personally, I love the quote he has captured. I've spoken to Woon in the context of groveling for an interview with a KPCB partner. Time after time, I've been turned down. But of all the Kleiner people I've ever actually spoken to, Woon is by far, leagues above the rest in terms of courtesy and passion for her role. However, I suspect her job may now be at risk given the incredible silence from Kleiner on the topic of EEStor.

Secondly, I love what Ladurantaye has captured in terms of the skeptical quote from the University of Waterloo's Linda Nazar:

“Silence doesn't have to mean they haven't discovered something useful, but it often means things don't work the way they perhaps expected.”

To invoke such a statement, I imagine Ladurantaye must have said something provocative and thick such as, "EEStor has been so quiet. They must have what they claim." :-) Note to Nazar: go spend 8 years working under Arthur Von Hippel at MIT and we'll talk. (She's a chemist with a background in lithium ion research, according to her website).

But, you have to give Ladurantaye HIGH PRAISE for capturing a truly classic EEStor quote from Maxwell's John Miller, (not that John Miller): "I'm perplexed by any sort of suggestion that they are in any way one of our competitors." Miller cites production volume, existing sales and probably 457 other things that Maxwell does now that EEStor does not. But of course, those 457 things don't matter if EEStor has what they say they have. So Miller's perplex-ion is well placed if not mistated.

Yes, Ladurantaye screwed up the discussion of "fierce online debate" by not mentioning by name but he can be forgiven, this one time.

Prior to his article's publication, Ladurantaye exchanged a few emails with me. I can tell by his article's omissions that he didn't understand some of the information I provided him. Not to worry, for now, it's slated for the documentary.