Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Counterintelligent? National Security Agency Seeks EEStor Intelligence

In his new book, "Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy," veteran Washington DC reporter Eamon Javers provides a vivid picture of the current collaboration taking place between various multi-national corporations and individuals and firms arising from the intelligence community. As Javers discovered, today's large businesses & a growing number of hedge funds are increasingly utilizing the spy skills of individuals trained to support various state sponsored intelligence agencies around the world: NSA, CIA, KGB, FBI, etc.

What is drawing these spys into spying for big businesses like Disney, Mars & Nestle? Money. Javers points out that many US agencies have moonlighting policies which allow agents to perform work on the side if they obtain approval to do so....for the purpose of improving morale and retention. These individuals, current in the art of collecting intelligence and in running counterintelligence operations are going to work for a growing number of private companies formed by former members of intelligence organizations around the world, some of them very high ranking. (Not even going to mention countries where the Intelligence community now rules the people)

Shockingly, some of these private firms combine forces with their adversaries around the world who work or worked for unfriendlies such as the Soviet Union & China. The success of these firms has also turned intelligence gathering into a business into which large companies are investing money and resources. Just as with other types of businesses, these companies are being bought and sold by entities that would give the average American pause, such as companies in the Middle East.

One fruit of Javers work is that conspiracy theorists will have much more reality to draw upon to spin their tales which brings us to Javers "modest suggestion" to society,

"The spy firms must be dragged farther into the public view, where citizens can keep an eye on whether what they're doing is constructive or destructive."

Javers recommends that the framework of registration and disclosure successfully applied to the lobbyist industry also be applied to spys.

With Javers thought in mind, it is worth noting that at least 1 individual working in our country's intelligence community keeps close tabs on EEStor and and has been doing so for months.

Website statistics for the barium titanate blog and show that someone whose traffic originates from the md procurement office (what some consider the contracting office of the NSA) has been lurking on the site for quite some time. Interestingly, it may be more than one individual since the traffic originates from up to 5 separate networks. Either this individual moves around for his/her job or there is more than one interested party at NSA keeping tabs on EEStor information. Interestingly, some of the recent traffic has arrived via google searchers for "eestor scam."

Who are these people at NSA gathering EEStor information? Are they making sure nothing spills out? Are they working for private industry and orchestrating a dirty tricks campaign on behalf of EEStor competitors? Is it an old friend of Dick Weir's or Carl Nelson's--both of whom worked at one time for the CIA? Or is it just the janitor who occasionally hacks into the most secure, well-logged network in the world to check up on his investments?

You be the judge. But please don't complain that you were not informed. MUHAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!