Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Fairly Lucky Now that Trevor Parker is following me on Twitter

I haven't really been a big fan of Twitter due to the dominance that celebrities have over this communication medium.  If people aren't accidentally posting nude photos of themselves, they are often inebriated and issuing a very short speech on a topic we don't trust them to understand (their life for example).   So, what becomes important given a situation such as this isn't who says what but who follows who. (I haven't thought that all the way through though).

Therefore, I'm happy to announce my latest follower on Twitter because it actually turns out to be someone who is trying to do something with their lives rather than sit around in my chat room all day watching the pot boil.  I'm talking about mowing.  With electricity as the fuel.  That's right, you guessed, my latest follower on Twitter is none other than Trevor Parker, partner at Viriditech Inc.  What do they do there, you ask?  They produce or want to produce Canada's first zero emission lawn care products.  Hhhhmmm.

Anyway, thanks to Trevor and the team at Viriditech for trusting me enough to follow me on twitter.  I did nothing to deserve that trust. In fact, I deserve the opposite of trust and I hope they don't try to run me over with an electric mower.    Let me leave you with one thought based on Trevor's last tweet: "Any fleets and/or people interested in a lawn tractor that cuts up to 4 acres of grass on about $1.50 worth of electricity?"

I love it when people can net it out.  Beautiful.