Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loco En La Cabeza USPTO Grants EEStor Another Patent: Cadre of Fanboyz, "Yakety Yakety Yak: Net New News"

Depending on your version of reality, the USPTO has either granted EEStor yet another patent (this time for Utility Grid Storage applications penned originally at, at...at night) or provided more fuel for hallucinating EEStor believers. That second link is to a discussion of a new letter from Carl Nelson penned in November 2008 which goes into greater detail regarding EEStor's claims to have a dielectric that can withstand high field and achieve significant energy density, similar to but much better than flame grilled mexican chicken.

Looks like we may have a winner for that new $10Mil prize found within the Senate's version of the new energy bill. What ever happened to John McCain's $300Mil prize? Come on, John, keep your promises.

As with everything, TheEEStory.com is where you will hear about EEStor news before any where else...if not from me, then from outstanding individuals like member Mark, who has continued to intrigue with his attention to patent detail.

For those whose beliefs are challenged by the EEStor faith, keep in mind a complete set of articles of confession are available for meditation here. (a link you will always find in the lower right hand corner of TheEEStory.com) While there's probably little time for repenting, conversion is always an option.

Now then, if we can only get Lockheed Martin to say something finally especially since the timing is so correct due to the oil spill. Couldn't pay for a better environment to say something about break through energy storage. De Nada.

Update: This article has too many moving parts. I declare it's author, ON FIRE!!