Monday, July 14, 2008

Andy Grove Piece

I mentioned earlier that Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, is attempting to draw more attention to electric cars and electric vehicles.  In a piece published in The American, Grove says instead of striving for energy independence as we did in the 70s, we should be pursuing energy resilience by utilizing government mechanisms to encourage "conversion to electricity in a major way."  The biggest part of that for Grove is electric vehicles (like EEStor enabled cityZenns).  Here's a Grove excerpt:

We have an urgent need for a strategy that can deflect our march toward this “persisting conflict” by strengthening our energy resilience. A policy that favors sticky energy with multiple sources and that aggressively moves vehicles first toward dual-fuel mode and ultimately to running on just electricity provides the answer.

Wait til Grove finds out something on the horizon from the free market could hasten us to his plan's phase 2.