Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm on Batteries

How vital is the electrification of vehicles to a state like Michigan? What steps are being taken to ensure Michigan seizes the American automobile battery marketplace? Will lithium ion be the battery of choice for electric vehicles? These are questions Jennifer Granholm's administration is currently grappling with to do it's part to lead Michigan back from the brink of disaster to the forefront of automotive excellence. In a Newsweek article, Michigan Governor Granholm lays out her vision for how electric technologies will be harnessed to create opportunities in Michigan.

One question followers of EEStor Inc., may be curious about is what will happen to all of the private and government investment in lithium ion based technologies, once EEStor achieves it's immediate goal of completing it's EESU production capacity??? If you're Ian Clifford at Zenn Motor Company, how does conversation with the Governor go? Stay tuned...you may find out...

Image Source: Governor Jennifer Granholm via Flikr. Yes, that's Senator Carl Levin pictured therein.