Monday, November 23, 2009

Climate Research Unit Emails Hacked: What about their internal conversations?

Far too much attention has been given to these hacked emails passed between scientists working at Britain's Climate Research Unit. Many are drawing unreasonable conclusions about whether or not these scientists have colluded to falsify important climate change data. I for one would like to call a halt to all of this speculation based on these emails which can so easily be taken out of context and misinterpreted by neanderthal religious types for nefarious purposes!!!

Instead, I propose all of the discussion re-focus on actual conversations a few of these same scientists had recently which, yours truly, the EEStor blogger, has personally intercepted and which I will now make available for your consideration. These are actual conversations as I imagine they probably occurred.

Scene: Office Kitchen Area.

Phil Jones
: Hey mates. Did you remember to delete your emails?

Ben Santer: Sure did and wow, mate, it's getting so hot lately. Don't you agree?

PJ: Yes yes of course. And you Master Tom?

Tom Wigley: Lord Phil, I deleted all of my email and all of the latest data we've got coming in from all of the probes around the world. I mean ALL the probes, mate.

PJ: Nice show old chap! Really, all of the data from the probes too? Good GAWD, Al F&%ing Gore is going to bleeding love you mate! I love you! Nice pants, by the way.

TW: Oh definitely every probe. And I do like the new pair too. Had to buy new because some tosser and I scrapped at the last conference over some graphs he presented. I love them.

PJ: Fantastic. Now listen mates. We've got to keep cool on the raw data.

BS: The Climate data?


TW: The sensor data?

PJ: No, no, you idiots...THE DATA!

[two guys shrug]

PJ: The F&*^%&*ing Investment data you twits!!!

[two goofy guys nod understandingly]

PJ: No more checking your investment portfolios from work! And please stop calling all of those greentech VC companies from your offices! Buy a f*$&%ing private cellphone, mates!