Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I blog Anonymously

Ever since I set up an email account ( for people to contact me about EEStor, I've gotten alot of questions about who I am including whether I am Dick Weir. :-) I wanted to clear the air here prior to an article I will be posting this afternoon.   First, let me remind you that you are reading a blog and not a newspaper.  I'm not a professional journalist and in alot of ways have no idea how to do things properly as a journalist or even as a blogger.  Therefore, be advised you should not rely on this blog for reliable information because it's not guaranteed, promised or implied.  Much of it may be wrong.   I make a best effort to get things right like any one.  If that's frustrating or you want perfect information, you should consult other sources.  Furthermore, I can tell that alot of readers of this blog know more about EEStor than I do. I'm happy to have additional information sources participating here (thank you!).  Finally,  I blog anonymously out of 3 main concerns:  1) i have a day job that I currently do well but really dont want any additional scrutiny over my blogging pastime. So basically, I don't blab who I am because I want to keep my "two lives" separate. 2) In general, I'm not comfortable with going public out of concerns for my family. 3) I am not part of the Facebook/Myspace generation in the sense that I occasionally say some really dumb things that I'd rather not be reminded of 10 yrs from now. Especially on this blog--I have the potential to get things really wrong and I like the freedom that comes with not having this blog on my resume.  For example, just look at some of the grammar and sentence structure in use around here and you'll see its nothing to be proud of. (<-preposition ) So, in relation to the subject matter at hand, I will point out that I do not have a personal or business relationship with EEStor or Zenn or anyone in this story. I do not have a friend who has a personal or business relationship with either party.  Perhaps its deflating for you to learn that I'm just like you--the EEStor story fascinates me and since no one else was doing it, I decided to centralize all the information about EEStor here on this blog. People then ask me, well, how can you get all this information?  I can demystify that as well. As someone who makes their living from sales, I have to get in front of people to be successful.To do that, you have to be able to get them on the phone and keep them on the phone.  That's actually very easy for me. So there you go. I am unreliable source of information, a poor blogger but happy to be here.  (and yes, I do actually get a tiny bit of $ from sponsor links found on the blog) In a couple days, if I feel self conscious about this disclosure I may just delete it. :-) 

Also, as I've mentioned previously, I do have a small speculative investment in Zenn Motors. But if you want to invest in Zenn, do your own due diligence and dont rely on this blog for reliability.  Of course, if you are skeptical of Zenn/EEStor's claims, join the many who have gathered in the comments sections to dissect the story ad nauseum. 


Manthan said...

well i thank you to a point for creating this blog and adding stuff pretty much daily, all i ask is that you present information when you are ready not just saying i have big news.

this blog is very well written most of the time, but just change that one habit of you teasing people, you tease so much that i speculate your a chick,lol. (its a joke i dont want feminist emailing me)

richterm said...

I understand the anonymity - thanks for your efforts. I understand that you're no a journalist, and that's been the basis for some of my criticism. There's a reason journalists structure their pieces and interviews a certain way, and I hope my criticism is viewed constructively. You've improved, and I feel more confident in your info lately now that you're convying your subject's comments as theirs, not as your own.

I think you've probably learned why journalists should fact check and be confident in info BEFORE leading on that they have something. People don't like teases at all.

Glad to get some insight into how you're contacting these people and why they talk to you. So you're some guy from Jersey or something just dialing up Eestor and Zenn? Fascinating. Could you give more info on how you actually got to talk with Richard Weir?

Again, thanks for your efforts.

Unknown said...

Blogger, I think you should create a link on top of the blogger site and label it as "Blogger Profile" and FAQ, also add that you are a investor in Zenn, etc. Once you get more viewer, you won't have to repeat this over and over again...

We do enjoy a place to share our knowledge of eestor, etc. As far as the teaser, no problem with me, it's part of your personality and writing style.

Engineer-Poet said...

You're not the only blogger who remains largely pseudonymous.

I've been interested in EESTOR since the beginning (see It only takes one, posted 2.5 years ago), but these days I'm suspicious of anything which takes this long to announce serious results.  There is so much money in oil that any delay in competing technologies is literally worth a billion dollars a day.  Are oil companies (or oil dictatorships) Machiavellian enough to create a company touting a market-killing technology as a propaganda effort, diverting attention and investment from measures which would work?  After watching the PNGV killed and replaced by the nebulous hydrogen fuel cell Freedom Car, this is not something I can be sure about until someone's actually demonstrated it to the public.

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Alpmeadow said...

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SPARKY said...

I can see why some of the Nay Sayers give Eestor Such Grief. They can't understand how it works. Well one has to Crawl and Walk first before he can Run or in this case Ride.
There are people that still can't figure what Tesla did in 1901, and Still Disbelieve.
Yet, we use this technology everyday. Some don't even know it was Tesla.
There are things that are used without completely understanding them.
I have riden in a fast Tesla, driven a Zenn, and dtrive a 30 year old EV. There were 3,000 made at that time, they still to this day are not recognized..In this case to my advantage...
I need this Eestor to work for me in my 2,500 lb EV that needs 120vdc and 200ah real.
I could use 300 mi but would settle for 100 mi. range.