Tuesday, July 7, 2009

EEStor Says it Has 33 Employees....Corrected 33 = No

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, EEStor Inc. has reported that as of July 2009 it has 33 employees on staff as revealed in a recent Chamber document listing Clean Energy companies operating in the Austin area

 I asked Jose Beceiro, who is the Director of Clean Energy Initiatives for the Austin chamber, how the list was put together.  He told me the chamber purchased a business list from Hoovers and then had a team of people call area businesses to learn of the employment sizes.   So the figures in the list are self reported.  EEStor is not a member of the chamber, according to Beceiro.

Prior estimates of employees at EEStor have ranged from 8-15 in various counts.  This is the largest estimate so far and raises the question whether or not the facility on Discovery Blvd could even handle that many people. 

Thanks to TheEESTory.com member Jay for this discovery. 

CORRECTION:  EEStor points out this 33 figure is incorrect.  No additional clarification is available.