Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Dick Weir Writes Patents at Night

Everyone knows by now that Dick Weir writes patents at night. What no one seems to know for sure is WHY he writes them at night. (day and night, to be correct) The answer is not easy to come by which is why we must refer to the visual arts to explore the matter further. The first thing we should recognize is that a great deal else occurs at night, other than patent writing. So, maybe the answer is somehow a little of both. At least, that's what is suggested by the recent work of EEStory legend, AD2. (Keep in mind, from prior work, we know the man knows what he is doing.)

At at....at night. What wha wha ?


I wish I wrote patents at night.

EEStor Granted A New Patent: 11/453,581

In yet another mystery chapter from the EEStory, we find that EEStor has been granted patent 11/453,581. Originally filed in June 2006, this patent for a METHOD OF PURIFYING BARIUM NITRATE AQUEOUS SOLUTION, had it's patent Issue Notification mailed on Dec 30,2009 and the Patent Grant Mailed on January 19, 2010. At first look, it appears to have stayed under the radar until now.

If you examine the Image File Wrapper, you'll notice some interesting references to arguments made by Carl Walter Nelson. Also, the prosecution of this patent included a telphonic interview with EEStor's representative John Schell. What was discussed? "Applicants believe the step-wise purification provides benefits such as removing strontium while keeping barium in solution."

I predict further nuggets will emerge from this patent. So, if you must, please enjoy your own favorite aqueous solution with a toast to sages, Weir, Nelson & Clifford, praise be their name.