Monday, May 16, 2011

Zenn & EEStor Renew Vows

When the weather warms up, weddings begin populating the calendar & love is in the air.  In the business world, corporate courting occasionally leads to similar unifications.  Today, Zenn Motor Company announced the intention to repeat their vows with EEStor in a press release issued this morning.  New board chairman, Jim Kofman pledged "to increase its interaction with EEStor and, where appropriate, collaborate with and assist EEStor."  In exchange for carrying out this important new priority, Kofman quietly announced he will be seizing a mere 150,000 stock options.  Additionally, Rick McGraw and Brian Cott have officially ejected Zenn perhaps as part of the effort to have "reduced operational activities and an increased emphasis on collaboration and value creation around its unique relationship with EEStor?"    Later, Zenn plans "a further simplification and restructuring of the organization" ending in a team of approximately 5-10 key players including Jim, Roger, Allan, Ian, Dick, Tom, a few others & "the bag headed one."  

EEStor declined to comment on this story.

Do these new beginnings make other EEStor partner, Lockheed Martin, jealous?  As of this morning at least, Lockheed Martin's Craig Van Bebber says there is "no change to our agreement."  Incidently, if you must know, that statement is nearly the answer to every EEStor question you lob towards Lockheed Martin these days.  Do they feel they've lost credibility for linking up with EEStor?  "No change to our agreement."  Are they worried that they jumped the gun on a perpetual motion equivalent? "No change to our agreement."  Why haven't they pumped about $50mil into EEStor? "No change to our agreement." Are UAV's going to have EEStor batteries?  "No change to our agreement."  How do you handle disagreements with EEStor? "No change to our agreement."  The agreement was green initially but now it looks a bit blue in color?  "No change to our agreement." Does the agreement age poorly? "No change to our agreement." AFRL thinks you guys are nuts. Are you?  "No change to our agreement."  It is a bit robotic but makes it easier to complete this article.

So of course, now, finally, after all of these years, Dick Weir has everything in place as he wanted it and is ready to take center stage and let the cat out of the bag, right?   Sure, ok.

Note: Nothing in this article originated from a drunken txt message.