Friday, December 12, 2008

"Intel Inside" Model May Attract....Intel

Andy Grove is talking about plug-in electric cars again, this time to the Wall Street Journal. The former chairman of Intel, who retired in 2005, is now urging his old company to consider diversifying into something that might put new meaning into the Zenn Motor Company mantra, "Intel Inside." I'm referring of course to the Grove recommendation that Intel begin producing batteries for plug-in electric vehicles.


As if EEStor didn't already have enough competitors with ultra-deep, uber-bottomless pockets. Let's see, you've got the oil companies, the Asian electronics companies who own the lithium ion market, the capacitors industry, the internal combustion engine auto parts industry, and just about every industry that comes to mind. This is not a David and Goliath story. This is a David and Army of Goliath's story.

There's no time to lose, Dick, get your shades on and get out there and FIGHT MAN FIGHT!!!!

[TV ANNOUNCER VOICE ] In business news, a fight broke out today on the energy storage playground. Several industries chose to tangle with 70 yr old inventor, Dick Weir, founder and CEO of EEStor Inc. We have some dramatic footage just in.

This broadcast was brought to you by Lockheed Martin, makers of NEO Wearable Power for Hackers or Catholic Clergy. EEStor Inside.

Note: Dick Weir's makeup by Just for Men.

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Image Source: Gary Land.