Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Things You Can Do To Prepare Yourself for EEStor's Reveal

The typical complaints of NNNN are circulating again over at While everyone is focused on when we might learn something new from EEStor, it seems more useful to me at this point to take a few moments to consider possible preparations you can make now to maximize your enjoyment of the reveal. These recommendations are not guaranteed to take you directly to happiness but they may just come in handy.

1) Discuss the possibility of strange behavior with your family and friends

Do yourself a favor and let your family and friends know that at some point in time---you don't know when---perhaps soon--you may just have a few occasional strange outbursts of emotion. Let them know this is in reference to a new type of battery which ordinarily wouldn't yield such behavior but ask them to be patient and allow you to explain. Then just say, "hey, I'm going to need some space to operate here. Please work with me."

2) Set aside some time to revel in the news

Start thinking about giving yourself some time to digest the news. You might want to just plan now to take a couple days off to walk around unshowered, zombie-like with a goofy grin on your face. It's okay too if you allow yourself to have a good stiff drink at 10am if the situation calls for it. Don't fight it. Give yourself advanced permission. Remember, you deserve it as you've dutifully watched the emergence of every new EEStor detail on my websites largely during your working hours.

3) Be ready to travel

Once reality sets in, everyone will want to travel somewhere to gather together and hug everyone else, drink, laugh, snort MUHAHAs, smoke cigars, take pictures with bags on their heads, dance around in a congo line and in general dork out with other EEStor enthusiasts. This could take place any where but Austin is the likely destination for obvious reasons. If you need to set aside some funds to jump on a Southwest flight, start pricing out options to get to Austin. Hotels, campers, know where you like to crash, so look into it.

4) Visit a medical professional

It's been pretty tense following EEStor. While you think now that a reveal might give you peace, it may also elevate your blood pressure unexpectedly. If you are a tad older or younger, you might want to talk to your doctor about this. Tell them you think good news may be around the corner and that you want to make sure you are healthy as you accommodate the information. Who knows, they may advise you to begin meditating or increasing your cardio.

5) Think about your financial plan

I don't give financial or investing advice. But I do recommend you talk with a professional before you do anything crazy. (see #4) A world with a verified functional EESU is a very different world indeed with a plethora of possible impending changes. For example: some die hard EEStor followers have placed short bets on stocks like A123 Systems. Again, I don't offer advice. I'm merely drawing your attention to the idea of being smart by letting someone else do the thinking for you.

6) Don't go changing

There's probably going to be a very strong temptation for you to consider the EEStor reveal as an opportunity to completely change your life. After all, if energy storage is changing--finally, after 100 yrs of little advancement--then maybe you can change too. Again, be careful here. If you must know, I like you just the way you are insofar as I don't know much about you. That works for me if it works for you. Another approach may be to channel the inspiration for self-improvement into the inspiration for forcing others to improve. After all everyone else needs to change more than you, right? In fact, sit down and pen a book titled, "I'm Going To Make You Self-Improve Whether You Like It Or Not."

7) Don't forget about the blogger

It's true. This whole emotional roller coaster you've been riding for the past two years has been courtesy of moi to some degree (even though I dont make electric cars or batteries). You're probably going to experience some pretty intense feelings towards me. Mostly, gratitude for capturing your interest by documenting this interesting story. Some may struggle with formulating a proper apology. Carefully think through what you want to say to me and how you should say it. If I may, to establish a conceptual boundary for you: there will be no need to send me a note saying, "Je t'aime mon petit poulet." I much prefer donations to Nymbani to thank you's I've always said.

8) Select Music

Musical tastes vary but the concept of a victory song is universal. It may be useful to you to spend some time selecting a series of musical pieces that will allow you to maximize the celebratory mood. After all this will be an emotional event and music allows us to fully experience it. So, go ahead and put on a few tunes and practice possible outcomes in your imagination. Don't overdo it though as you dont want to burn out before the big day.

9) Make safety part of your plan

You've made it this far. Don't take your eye off the ball and fail to consider safety. Most accidents occur when people aren't paying attention. Tell yourself now that it's ok to celebrate but not to discard safe practices.

10) Become an EEStor activist

If they have it and it's cheap, we're going to need to make it known widely. Collect your thoughts on your own personal communication plan--who will you tell & how. Emails, faxes, mailings, banners, etc. There are plenty of ways to communicate. Select what's best for you.

Inna de bag, mon.