Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Andy Grove on Electric Vehicles

Here's a good article that depicts a sentiment shared by a growing number of people: that electric vehicles are an imperative that goes beyond whether or not market conditions are favorable. In this case, the spokesperson for the sentiment is Andy Grove, former Chairman of Intel. Additionally, the market for Electric Vehicles needs a governmental push. I would go further and say, at least insofar as I am an American, that we need to unify as a country to make this change happen more quickly.

This is a blog about EEStor and all of it's offshoot relationships like Zenn Motor Co. But its impetus to some large degree is an interest in energy independence. And I do not necessarily mean energy independence for the USA but for humanity as a whole. The adoption of electric vehicles would be a major milestone towards that end.

I think Grove is right in saying a home brew approach would benefit us...ie, individuals and groups experimenting with improvements to make electric vehicles possible. I also blog about a similar technology movement based on hho gas.

And finally, just so my keyboard is disgusted with me for being so long winded. I think all the analogies related to what the USA has done in times of war and to put a man on the moon are very appropriate when it comes to these matters of energy independence. Our economy is not our own until we solve this problem. So sound off and let your representatives know how you feel. House of Representatives, Senate and White House.

EEStor New Facilities

I have it on good authority that EEStor has identified and will be moving to new facilities that are between 200-300 acres. Where, when, etc? Do NOT know. The source is intimately knowledgeable about EEStor. It is second hand information however...but again, from a trusted source.