Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EEStor Patent Count Up 50% Overnight

Patents baby patents!  You got any patents?  I didn't think so!  I don't either. Nor does Y_Po. But EEStor has patents, applications for patents and future plans for patent applications.  Yeah baby, look at the patents. Breath the patents.  And guess what, these patents are rolling out of Cedar Park, TX faster than a new energy storage device high volume production capability....unfortunately.   In any case, thanks to a change in power of attorney, we now know that around 30 patents are in play at the USPTO signed, sealed and delivered.   Wait a second, that's not right actually.  Tom Villars with the correction:  "Closer to 22 patents and applications as 10 of these are just expired provisional applications. Looks like Mark has already started updating the spreadsheet."  Who is Mark anyway?  Mark is a bar owning patent reader from Thailand who may be  his own best customer. We don't know that for sure but this guy can locate patent updates. 

Remember how I famously predicted future EEStor patent lawsuits as recently as yesterday or so?  Tom Villars is on top of that too.  Some kind of filing or something taking on David Kelly of Lighten The Load fame.  Actually, not very famous but seems to have ideas similar to EEStor.  Great, yet another crackpot solid state energy storage project.   

Speaking of crackpots, as disclosed previously, Dr. Lucas Pettey was named as a co-inventor of a recent EEStor patent application.  This morning, we learned his esteemed colleague, Mr. Alex Bernstein (he dropped the "ander" in the ocean I think) is also a co-inventor at EEStor.  Bernstein's Linkedin profile demurely identifies his work as "Systems/Circuit Designer at R&D Company (choose not to disclose)."  Now isn't that just about the most modest reference to EEStor you've ever seen?   These guys will go to any length to disguise their future titan of industry status.  It turns out, Bernstein cut his teeth in college.  He did have an 8 month stint at AMD in support of the Hyper-Transport bus which...ok, I will fight the urge to end this article with a pun.