Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EEStor Haiku

Serious followers of EEStor would be denying themselves a true pleasure by ignoring the excellent effort to generate EEStor related Haiku going on at TheEEStory (part of the unrelenting cult programming). Thus far, these fine specimens have emerged for your consideration:

EEStor’s E.E.S.U.
Will move an automobile
250 miles, no gas!

D.W. and C. N.
Can they destroy Big Oil?
Go United States!

It’s here! But SME’s say:
Where is the voltage?

ZMC, or KP,
Lockheed Martin—please, tell us!
Sorry, NDA

"No new science here"
So what the heck's going on?
Christine, a bone please!

Huh? I studied Lit.

rototypes are built.
Prototypes have been tested.
Weir: Pro-duck-shun line.

B is our Blogger,
Dick Weir, Clifford, Cross--his pals.

No offence to you,
This blog's a lot of fun - but
I hate Haiku!

IC has a goal
it's to replace batteries
with e esu's in CZ's

Unlike a Tesla
IC hopes he can provide
an ev chevy

a car we can buy
without mortgaging our kids
e esu's included

Why won't Eestor work?
Saturation's the problem
You're an idiot


Ok, here is my contribution:

Simple dipole, No!
Simple Ferroelectric?
No, keep guessing, ha!

Dick Weir I miss you
Pick up the phone please today

Patents reveal idiots
EEStor geniuses laughing
See battery tests