Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LightEVS Update

I spoke to Carl Watkins today. He was just back from a trip to Eurobike. Watkins indicates that since we last checked in, his firm has made contact with just about everybody in the ebike world including the major 3 wheeled vendors out there. There have been tons of inquiries not just about production availability and timing but also about whether or not LightEVS will one day IPO. For now, Watkins doesn't see a need to go public. Once a demo units become available, his feeling is, understandably, that those willing to be supplied EESU's will finance the lift off of his company.

For now, everything is in wait and see mode until EEStor makes it's next move.

Nanosolar Announcement Update 9/9/9

I will be posting an article before noon EST tomorrow, 9/9/9 concerning the "significant" news event coming out of Nanosolar. Just because I've been such a tease in the past, I should mention, it's not going to contain EEStor content. But that's ok because Nanosolar is one of those companies that on it's own is poised to transform the world....and with some luck, I'll have a thought or two from Martin Roscheisen on the grand old topic of energy storage. (although no guarantees, remember I said "with some luck.")

Update: Nanosolar will announce a monumental achievement tomorrow. A feast for the eyes and a pleasure for numbers crunchers.