Friday, May 15, 2009

W. Michael Long is still E. EEStor Long: Terralliance Press Release points to Long's EEStor board membership

Terralliance is a Kleiner Perkins investment company with technology that makes it easier to find oil and gas. It's been discussed as the odd non-green investment in the KPCB portfolio and until today, it has kept about as low of a profile as EEStor.  Back in April, VentureBeat reported that Terralliance seemed to have slippery fingers when it came to money.  

So, today, they issued a press release--apparently their first if you go by their website-- announcing even more funding is headed their way from Kleiner AND the appointment of W. Michael Long to their board of directors.  They added a link to their front page to Mike Long's Bio which includes this sentence:

Mike serves on the board of directors of Essence, which uses evidence-based medicine to effectively manage the quality and cost of healthcare for senior populations, and EEStor, which is developing the next generation of solid-state electrical energy storage units in the form of batteries and capacitors.  

Again, this is as of today, May 15, 2009.  So, let me see if I have this straight.  Long is long both on Terralliance (an oil company) and EEStor (an end to oil) and unashamed to admit it--along with the blessing from Terralliance?  I like it.

Under Long's leadership, Terralliance technology will be modified to search the earth for EESU's.   

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